A “Reformed” Cultist Mentality?

August 26, 2007 § Leave a comment

There seems to be a very troubling sentiment in some people who call themselves “Reformed”. It seems to be a very militant approach to anything or anyone that seems to be slightly outside of the perceived boundaries of what is acceptable. It seems that there is, in some, a cultist type mentality. I think this is because some people in the Reformed camp have bought into a certain ideal. They have come to believe that the Reformed tradition is a monolithic ideal with no real variance in thought. Those that have bought in to this view of the Reformed tradition have built their whole existence around this fantasy. So, when they begin to see their world view coming apart at the seams, by other people (who are supposed to be Reformed as well) questioning this “ideal”, they lash out in anger and attack whatever they see as responsible for undermining this “Reformed” ideal that has become their foundational “truth”.

I am very familiar with this kind of militant thinking. I myself come from a cultist type background. I see the same kind of reaction in some of my family members when I try to provide them with information that challenges what they hold as “the truth”. There usually cannot be any reasonable discussion between myself and other members of my family, because I now represent to them everything they have believed to be a lie all their lives. If I am right, even a little, then their whole world view has been the lie.

This is a staggering thing for someone to have contemplate, and most will not. They will just seek to silence the “voices” they see as attacking their world view. And they will do so from the belief that they are God’s “man” defending God’s truth against the enemy.

May God grant to those of us, in the Reformed camp, the grace to avoid this trap, and to see the danger of this type of mentality.

Blessings in Christ
Terry W. West


An Excellent Critique of Hyper-calvinism

June 20, 2007 § Leave a comment

A good friend of mine has recently posted an excellent critique of hyper-calvinism. I found his insights to be very profound. Below is the link to this excellent article.

Theologyonline.org Blog – Hypercalvinism

Blessings in Christ,
Terry W. West

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