John Davenant on the Relationship Between Predestination and the Conditions of the Gospel

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In the following section John Davenant is answering the objections of the semi-pelegian to absolute predestination.

“Unto all these and the like inferences and opinions we answer briefly three things. First, That Predestination is absolute not because it intendeth the bring of any man unto eternal life without performing the conditions which God in his most gracious decree of Election doth as absolutely and certainly ordain men unto saving grace as unto everlasting glory. Secondly, That in the Divine Predestination there is always included a prescience of the faith and perseverance of all such as are elected: yet so, that this prescience is not the antecedent motive unto their Election, but this foreseen faith and perseverance is a consequent fruit or effect of the Divine Election. Lastly. That there is a decree conditional established by God concerning mans salvation, namely, That if any man repent, believe and persevere, he shall most certainly be saved. But we say it is an abuse of the Word, to call this the decree of God’s Election or Predestination. For the truth of this decree may stand good and firm though no man living should believe or attain unto eternal life. But the Divine predestination or Election is such a decree as infallibly in some men produceth faith, and bringeth unto eternal life a certain number of persons known only unto God himself.”

Source: John Davenant Animadversions p.15&16

John Davenant (A.D. 1572-1641)


Worth Quoting – John Davenant on Predestination

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1. Predestination is an eternal decree and purpose of God, in time causing effectual grace in all those whom he hath chosen, and by this effectual grace bringing them infallibly unto glory.

2. Predestination being an imminent and eternal act of Divine understanding and will, cannot be conceived of as dependent on any foreseen temporal acts of mans free-will.

3. A prime and eternal cause cannot depend upon the self-same acts which they thereby caused. If therefore predestination be a prime and eternal cause from whence Peter’s faith, repentance and perseverance were derived, his foreseen faith, repentance and perseverance, cannot in any good sense be imagined antecedent cause, merits, conditions or motives unto Divine predestination.

Source: John Davenant Animadversions p. 8&9

John Davenant (A.D. 1572-1641)

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